Ten Days of Anxiety - We Ready - Part I

We ReadyThe delayed announcement of the “...Date for the 2014 Elections,” no doubt, had caused consternation among the citizenry. For the candidates, equally as much as the electorate, it had become a long drawn out and far off “...Secular National Event.”

Though discussions and/or comments were almost always “...contentious and/or provocative,” civility prevailed. All, nonetheless, were saying “...Me Ready for the Polls.” Some were singing “...We Ready for the Road” [Nigel Rojas: Bungi Garlin]. Each day was said to have been filled with “...temptations, trials and tribulations,” yet hope for a “...better quality of life.” This commentary primarily seeks to provide perspectives on (i) “...Predicament of a Law enforcement officer; (ii) ... Evangelical Churches; ...Claims of Marginalization; (iii) ...Mammonizing; and (iv)...Electoral challenges; (v) ...Announcement of Election Date; (vi)  ...The Countdown; (vii) ...We Ready.” This will be presented in two parts.


Universally, the human experiences were never without “...Personal Struggles.” Undeniably, true, that was what the experiences of life were all about- ...Struggles.  Invariably, many in responsible positions have been accused of ignoring the founding constitutional principle that states “ ...Whereas the people of Antigua and Barbuda ASSERT their conviction that their happiness and prosperity can be best served in a democratic society in which all persons to the best of their capacity play some part in the national life” [CO: C: 1981].”


It was the experience that many individuals had encountered monumental difficulties. Then there were further strugglesagainst “...acrimonious acts- victimization and/or marginalization.” Within the workplace, some have created environments that had brought about the “...pre-mature end to many promising careers.” Many have fought, if not for...respect for their dignity and worth. It was for “...recognition; ...reasonable pay and elevation to positions based upon capacity and merit that seemed to have multiplied their agony and despair.” These not only reflect a growing societal trend, but a culture and man’s proclivity in perpetrating evil against his fellowmen, thus, standing in the way of progress, professional development and productivity.


Research show that many people of humble beginning and had endeavored to earn a livelihood from the “...operations of the nation’s economic system,” had encountered grave difficulties. Some had suffered indignities and Social Injustice.” As a consequence, many were treated contemptuously; ...forced to “...endure hardship, frustration and misery.” The experiences of Law enforcement officer Sergeant Cecelia Francis, a 34-year veteran in the Police Service,” support these contrasting assertions. Elevated to “...act in the lowly rank of Senior Sergeant,” 10 years later, her substantive position remains that of a “...Sergeant.” Ironically, officers junior to her have enjoyed rapid upward-mobility, with some being elevated to the rank of Assistant Superintendent. There was still more irony. A Parliamentarian’s eligibility for “...Full Pension” was stipulated as “...Two Parliamentary Terms or ten (10) years, frustratingly, the period she has been acting in one position.” Interestingly, this police officer has served the nation longer than many within the“...Legislature, be they “...Members; ...Speakers or ...Presidents”- past or present. Several male and female police officers have asked “...If this means nothing to the Ministry of Gender Affairs, what else will?”


Further research showed that many individuals who, through the “...People’s Mandate,” had achieved their “...Aspirational Goals,” have often been accused of resorting to acrimony in thwarting the “...aspirational hopes and dreams” of those desirous of playing some role in the “...National Life.” This was said to have reflected a pattern of administrative behavior, suggestive of victimization. Hence, it was indisputable that the “...Principles of Natural and Social Justice” may have been observed more in the “...breach than in practice” [CO: B]. While many had realized their aspirations through the “...People’s Privilege,” many of the privileged few have been accused of being “...opportunistically assertive.” Several were said to have asserted “...their conviction for their happiness and prosperity.” There were those who were firmly of the view that situations like these “...necessitate visitation of consequences by the Judiciary,” either upon those responsible and/or departments.


The currency and untenability of the situation, not only supports the contention that public officials appeared to have been religiously “...ignoring the Constitutional Principles and the universal principle “...Reasonable Expectations,” but also provides evidence capable of placing the Sergeant’s predicament and anguish for studies under the concept “...Victimology” [Wikipedia: Study of Victimization]. For Sergeant Cecelia Francis, while the electorate was facing “...10 days of anxiety,” whether by calculation, omission or dereliction,she had endured “...10 years of frustration, humiliation, demoralization, misery and despair.” The vexed question was, and still is, “...When will the victimization and/or humiliation end?”


From today, June 10, 2014, an anxious population of well over “...Forty seven (47, 000) thousand eligible voters” may visit the several polling stations, scheduled to be open to the electorate” [Caribbean Elections]. For candidates harboring thoughts of “...Fatalism,” they shall know that “...Electorally,” only the electorate have the “...Fingers that may seal their Fate.” However, for the electorate, with all their “...We Readiness; ...anxieties; ...aspirational goals and hope,” each shall be mindful of the Chinese Proverb that cautions, “...Be careful what you wish for” [Blog Archive]. In the contentious and litigious MARCH 12, 2009 Elections, retired Assistant Commissioner Cardinal ‘Nal’ King, also said “...Me Ready.” However, when the ballots were tallied, he got three votes- “...his and two empathizers.” He may not have been “...Quite Ready.” Even some who were said to be “...Missing several links; ...Truthful to the death and others, likened to the rain, will make the nation ...Green,” were all saying “...We Ready.”


As of now, it stands “...Ten (10) Days,” and by the dreaded “...Black Friday-June 13, 2014,” it shall be all over. Then that which had been “...Readied or not ready for; ...hoped or not hope for; ...yearned or not yearning for,” may either bring “...Gladness or Sadness; ...Bitterness or Madness.” For now, it might just be “...Jitteriness.” While they wait, every ... adult and youth- grandpa and grandma; ...mother and toddler;...educator and student; ...security personnel; ...medical and legal practitioner; ...Pensioner with Rags or Tags; ...supermarket operator; ...car dealer; ...contractor; ...mason and carpenter; ...auto-body repairer and motor mechanic ... operator of buses and taxis; ...trucker and heavy duty operator; ...gardener and housekeeper; ...farmer and fisherman; ...sugar-cane, tamarind, corn, coconut and ice-pop vendor; ...barber and cobbler; ...wizard of cash; ...car washer; ...funeral undertaker and grave digger; ...wretched sinner and backslider; ...Bishop and Pastor; ...Reverend and Priest; ...Swallow, Shorty and Obsti; ...voter and candidate, including “...Joanne and Charlene; ...Mervie and Sammie; ...Fester and the Jester; ...Shawnee and Jackie, and the brazen and elusive Robbers and Thieves,” have all been hoping for life-transforming miracles; ...opportunities for employment; ...economic prosperity; ...safety and security and realization of their conceptualized aspirational goals.” Though not in a religious sanctuary, likened to Calypso Joe’s “...Mighty Choir,” all have been singing “...We Ready.” In the night of June12, 2014, many shall know that which they may or may not have been “...Ready for.”


In most societies, even amidst the noise, chaos and confusion, there were many dramatic developments and events that have always spurred the imagination, triggering spontaneously charged reactions. Specifically, in a constantly “...Changing political landscape and Challenging environment,” those vying for elective office, know that these were fraught with high drama, provocative antics and cheap theatrics. Within the religious community, situations were different. In God’s Sanctuary, it was about “...Reverential Homily.” On the Political Stage, it was likened to “...Dance hall presentations.” The Church leaders, seemingly with “...noble secular intentions,” appeared to have been “...sandwiched between incumbents and opposition candidates.” Within the political environment, they were desirous of helping to effect “...Behavioral Change.” The religious leadershipappeared not to have appreciated that there were no “...Religious Political Doctrines,” capable of changing the “...philosophy” of incumbent Prime Minister Dr. Baldwin Spencer, or that of rivals and/or opponents. They had proposed a “...Code of Conduct and National Political Debates.” Both have been snubbed.


Through the apparent “...Unsolicited Propositions,” rightly or wrongly, it may have been concluded that the Antigua Christian Council (ACC) may have been “...Flirting with the Devil.” It was evident that the Honourable Prime Minister had no desire to “...Forfeit God’s Peace or to endure further Pain.” Therefore, religious leaders shall have been mindful that upon “...visitations to their congregations,” he was invited to the pulpit only to “...Read the Scriptures.” Then in congregationalsinging, the song he dearly loved was “...What a friend we have in Jesus; ...All our sins and griefs to bear; ...What a privilege to carry; ...Everything to God in prayer.” Seemingly not enthused or interested, and guided by the “...St. Paul Doctrine,” that states “...Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind” [KJV: Romans 14: 15], the Honourable Prime Minister Dr. Baldwin Spencer, may have determined that all that was needed was developing a “...Personal Relationship with God,” then take “...Everything to Him in prayer.”


Consequently, that which may have been suspected to be “...obstacles” or seemed likely to have been counterproductive to “...organizational goals and/or objectives” or risky to aspirational goals and/or objectives, “...Conventional Wisdom” dictates that it shall be “...avoided and/or eliminated.”In the instant case, Prime Minister Spencer appeared to have avoided both the “...ACC and suspect representatives of the Devil.” Specific to Antigua and Barbuda, directions on “...Pattern of Political Behaviors” have never been part of the mantra that religious leaders sing at their pulpits, whether relative to rites performed in “...Christendom; ...Evangelism and/or other denominational practices” within the nation.However, it was to be seen that a small minority appeared to have found themselves so influenced and aligned that even political leaders have been suspected of “...avoiding or marginalizing them.”


Framers of the Constitution had made a distinction between “...Ministers of Religion and ...Ministers of Government.” The former’s role, inter alia, includes “...Preaching the word of God; ...winning lost souls and performing religious rites. The latter were elected and/or appointed to “...Administrate Public Affairs.” Framers believed that the “...Devil may influence heretical behaviors in Religious Ministers.” Thus, some were likely to leave straying congregants to “...Dabble in the Parliamentary and/or Executive Affairs” of the nation.Consequent upon such belief, they have inserted reasons for “...Disqualification.” This wasto ensure that Religious Ministers neither get “...entangled with the Devil, nor the secular affairs of the nation and people.” The disqualification clause states “...No person shall be qualified to be elected as a Member of the House of Representatives who is a Minister of Religion” [CO: 1981: Section 39].


Nonetheless, religious leaders may attend the Houses of Parliament for the “...purposes of offering prayers on the proceedings.” There was no doubt that Cannon Reverend Bernard Hodge (deceased) had “...exhibited exemplary behavior.” Surely, there may have been issues that might have “...bugged him,” but seemingly “...employed religious wisdom; ...avoided meddling and had acquitted himself exceeding well.” The State’s recognition of his “...Religious Service” may have been observed in the manner his remains were committed back to the dust. Additionally, Ministers of Religion” may, if so required and/or invited, visit the Cabinet; ...point out that which God has so directed and accordingly offer prayers. Conversely,they may simply invite as many “...Ministers of Government to God’s Sanctuaries,” and/or upon “...Voluntary Visitations” or through religious programmes and/or at vigils, may use the Scriptures and “...Sock it to them.” Then implore them not to “...Shoot the messenger; ...Accept the message” [Pastor Clifford Haynes].


Some religious leaders have attempted to prescribe “...Behavioral Rules and/or organize National Debates politicians,” as had been the recent experiences of the “...Antigua Christian Council (ACC).” This may have been inconsistent with that which God had directed their usefulness to humanity. The attempt had failed. They enjoyed no “...Religious and/or Secular Power over the politicians. Therefore, the lack of “...Authority,” spiritually or legally in making behavioral determinations and/or ensuring compliance were fraught with difficulties, including rejection and/or marginalization. Therefore, understand that “...Rifts in Relationships” often come with consequences.” While the principle of “...Separation of Church and State shall prevail,” it may require “...No Package of Separation.”  Besides the “...Spiritual Influence” Church once enjoyed leading up to the “...March 23, 2004 General Elections,” appeared to have significantly waned. Thus, there was neither “...endearment to the citizenry,” nor does its leadership seemed to be “...enjoying the confidence of the political directorate.”


The framers of the Constitution Order [1981] had ensured that “...Ministers of Religion” shall only enter into “...God’s Sanctuaries” and preach the “...Gospel of Christ” win over as many souls, including those of politicians who may have been visiting their congregations, but whose souls may have been “...Lost to the Devil.” A Seventh Day Adventist preacher in a radio message had told congregants that “...The Devil comes to Church sometimes.” He cautioned them that should look to see who sits beside them, because “...that person might just be the Devil.” The congregants chuckled, but they seemingly got the message, that disguisedly, the Devil could plant himself in God’s Sanctuary and derailed God’s purpose for their presence to hear the word of God” [Second Advent Radio: 101.5 FM: Sunday June1, 2014].


Thus, when President of the ‘ACC’ Major Byron Maxam, announced the Council’s withdrawal from preparations of a “...Code of Conduct for Politicians,” the ‘ACC, that shall have been interpreted as a “...Sign from God. That which might reasonably be inferred, however, was that “...Evil had overcome Good.” Subsequently, when he further advised the media that the ACC’s “...Proposition of a Political Debate between incumbents and opposition,” the Devil appeared to have taken full control, either of the “...political environment or some of the politicians themselves. Then even with the issuance of “...Broadcasting Licences,” neither, Dean of the Anglican Diocese (NECA) Rudolph Smithen, nor Pastor Paul Andrew of the Christian Ministry Church, may have been in position to accommodate the event through their yet to be established “...Radio Stations.” Their licences had come “...Ten (10) Years Late.” This they may not blame on God.


The religiously ordained shall know that they are committed to the calling of “...Preaching the Gospel of Christ.” Therefore, they were to be sufficiently edified, as to be sufficiently warned of the “...Dangers of Mammonizing.” The Scripture states “...No one can serve two masters; ...For, either he will hate one and love the other; ...You cannot serve God and mammon” [Matthew 6:24]. Whether or not it was “...Guided by the Holy Spirit,” when Dean Rudolph Smithen of the Anglican Diocese (NECA) and Pastor Paul Andrew of the Christian Assembly Ministry were issued “...Broadcasting Licences” to operate radio stations on the respective frequencies “...105.7 FM and ...90.1 FM,” it could neither be said, nor evidentially supported that these Church leaders were moving towards “...Mammonization.”


However, while God knows that which currently exists in man’s heart, “ ...Noble or Ignoble,” President of the Antigua Christian Council, Major Byron Maxam and leaderof the “...Mount of Blessing New Testament Church,” and other members of the alleged “...Marginalized Evangelical Churches” [Bishop Jeffrey] might still be curious to know why the issuance and social media “...gratitudinal expressions and utterances of refusals by past administrations” came mere weeks before the June 12, 2014, General Elections[Chronicle: Monday May 28, 2014]. Likened to Bishop Jeffrey, there might be something that they may wish to broadcast in the future that might just be“...Good for their Souls,” that clearly worth more than “...Thirty pieces of silver.”


When the “...Pressures of Public Life” seemed overwhelming, ill-advisedly, one may unintentionally act indiscretely and/or egregiously.” Those in control of their mental faculties may guide himself, and/or may be prudently guided towards options that allows for “...informed decisions.” The experiences of former Radio Observer programme host Dominican-born Lennox Linton makes the point. Accused of seeking to “...hound Prime Minister Dr. Baldwin Spencer to the St. John’s Public Cemetery,” he was adamant that he shall suffer no fate similar to former radical Dominican Prime Minister Roosevelt ‘Rosie’ Douglas 58” [October 15,1942-October 2, 2000].


Before Linton could say “...Jesus Wept,” he was aboard a LIAT Flight to his country of domicile. The journalist was“...whisked to Dominica.” Only the “...interventions of the Labour and Immigration Departments” were necessary for the elimination of the “...Perceived Threat” [June 13, 2007]. Eventually, when the Judiciary visited upon their actions, he was awarded a “...significant compensatory package of EC$20, 000” for the “...illegal revocation of his Work Permit.” Thus, outside of “...God’s Sanctuaries,” dependent upon the personality, issues, events, place or mood “...Evil” may not be allowed to prevail over “...Good.” Those who may wish to “...receive God’s blessings and frequently call upon His name,” this may be a “...Promise worth Honoring.”


A cardinal principle suggests that whosoever “...Makes a Promise,” he/she shall give it two critical considerations; “...its importance and deliverability.” Then when considered, he shall “...Engrave it upon his heart.” Online dictionary defined “...Promise as an assurance; ...agreement; ...undertaking and/or commitment by a person to do or not to do something” [Wikipedia]. Therefore, promises verbally made and/or committed to “...Note,” was binding and was to be nobly honoured.In local parlance “...A promise is a debt.” When promises were honoured, it was said to be critical to the strengthening of “...trustworthiness and confidence in people,” lest they were they “...deceived” and left to feel they were living in “...Fool’s Paradise.” Though incumbent Prime Minister Honourable Dr. Baldwin Spencer may have caused unthinkable disappointment, this may ‘NOT’ have beena calculated intention.  Hehad induced a state of mind and belief that something was about to unfold. Thus, “...anxiously they anticipated, and vainly they waited.”


Though individuals may make promises and then placed them in “...back pockets,” it was the experience that sitting on them for too long had often become irritating to people with high expectations and problematic for those who so promised. When the Honourable Prime Minister Dr. Baldwin Spencer urged the electorate, candidates and members of the wider community, “...Keep this date, March 15, 2015 in mind,” his words implied an inducement of “...reasonable belief and expectations.” Hence,he had had committed himself to a “...Promise of Great Import.” Thus, such “ ...Promise” may not have been treated in ways that  people in a wide-cross section of the nation may have been given reasons to express concerns over the principle of “...collective responsibility” as it affects the popularized concept of “...Transparency; ...Accountability and Integrity in public life for Ministers” in his administration.


When the day eventually arrived, though not as many as the “...Twenty thousand people” Calypso Joe sang about when he said “...Antigua is on fire” [Joseph Hunte], thousands, nonetheless, were in attendance. Most who had gathered at the“...King George V Multi-Sports Facility in the Grays/Green community,” were identifiable by their organizational affiliation as evidenced by wearing and/or waving paraphernalia. The less conspicuous people were said to be “...affiliates and/or supporters of other parties; ...non-governmental organizations; ...associations; ...Trades Unions and other interest groups.” They were in a jubilant and festive mood. Likened to a man ingesting liquid from “...an unlabelled bottle,” unsuspecting that it might be fatal, in their anxieties, supporters cheered as “...pre-announcement speeches were delivered.” Many had jumped robustly. Some were dancing and prancing, while others were gleefully singing and shouting to secular and religious music intermittently played.” Every man, woman and child had their fill of entertainment.


The highly anticipated “...Announcement was Aborted.” As fate would have it, when the Honourable Prime Minster had failed to disclose the “...Important Announcement on Saturday March 15, 2014,” though “...All hell did not break loose,” the citizenry, exhibiting restricted tolerance and civil obedience, had been left “...Jaded and Dejected.” It may neither have been the “...right psychological moment, nor politically expedient” in making the personally considered announcement. As the issues were revisited and further ventilated, unfavorable public opinions had saturated the electronic, print and social media. Public criticisms mounted, while public anger intensified. The Honourable Prime Minster had been found “...Guilty of a breach of political promise.” The electorate had aught against their Prime Minister. The Scripture implores “...And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye have aught against anyone” [Mark 11:25]. In the face of which, he remained “...undaunted; ...resilient; ...persevered and prevailed.”


Education without “...Wisdom and Understanding” was said to be a “...Mockery.” Not infrequently the educated had endeavored to “...Insult the Intelligence of the Citizenry,” calculatedly, either through “...deceit and/or untruths.” Not infrequently, they were exposed. When the Honourable Prime Minister spoke to the “...challenges of the ‘ABE Commission,” many had existed. Specific to ‘ABEC,’ he had been consistent with the truth. Some challenges were due to apparent “...irrationality of policy-decisions; ...erratic administrative actions and/or legislative considerations that were deemed egregious.” Consequential to these, the electoral processes were clearly affected by the inevitability of litigious proceedings, resulting from that which was reasonably considered “...irrational, erratic and egregious.”

Part II to be continued on Thursday...

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#2 RAWLSTON POMPEY » 2014-06-03 06:59

You not only seemed to be engrossed in your thoughts, but also carrying the " ...world upon your shoulders."

Where was it suggested that a " ...Mongoose" will be elected?


RE: Ten Days of Anxiety - We Ready - Part I

#1 Plaid Mongoose » 2014-06-02 11:06

They're just going to elect another Antiguan. It's the rest of the world that has anxiety.

Plaid Mongoose

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