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Leadership Is A leaky Ship

Leadership Is A leaky ShipALP Leadership Dispute Settled - Now that the Antigua Labour Party (ALP) has democratically determined that

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The Vigilance of Responsible Citizenship

A Political Quandary“The existence of only two major parties, as in most English-speaking countries, presupposes general public

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The Final Word

In need of extensive overhaulNow that I have perused and digested the full pronouncement of the “final word” in the election dispute

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A Prerequisite for Future Prosperity

CompetitivenessLast November, while attending a conference sponsored by CADE, in Urubamba, Peru, I had the pleasure of

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The Undemocratic Scourge of Appointed Politicians

Legal fortune-telling As the date approaches for the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeals to pronounce the long awaited decision of

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A Creative Strategy To Help Revive The Economy

Our Humpty Dumpty EconomyOur Humpty Dumpty Economy - Notwithstanding the growing number of countries, including small, vulnerable

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Beyond Borrow- Tax and Spend

Unnecessary-spendingGrasping at Straws- The nations of the world are currently grappling with the seemingly irrepressible effects

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Black Mindedness The Etiology of Our Demise

African-enslavementThe Conditioned Culture of Mindlessness- In anthropology, culture is operationally defined as the learned,

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Government Real Role in Economic Crisis

Wrong-Crisis-ApproachA reasonably adequate exposition of the proper role of a government during economic crisis should proceed

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The AG Asleep At The Wheel

Asleep At The WheelStones and Glass Houses- The dire need for constitutional and other fundamental legislative and

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Investment in Education is Essential

Investment in EducationIn this new era of ubiquitous computerization, unforeseen advancements in technology, and globalization, the

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A Glimpse Into The Empty Nest

Plan to failA Word on Planning- The spurts of economic growth, development, and prosperity experienced in Antigua &

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Democracy And Corruption

A brutal economic drainThe Strange Fruits of our Democratic Constitutional Monarchy- The essence of our sovereignty and the meaning

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Who Will Save The People From Their Leaders

Have their hands in the cookie jarOur Political Leaders- After half a century of political observations, I am completely persuaded that the

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Antigua and Barbuda – Yes We Can do Better

Yes-We-Can-do-BetterAntigua and Barbuda is currently battling a plethora of economic, political and social challenges under the

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The Scarlet Pimpernel

The Scarlet Pimpernel is the nom de plume of an Antiguan born “knowledge broker” whose intercontinental exploits involve work as a university founder and educator, military strategist, international legal consultant, United States prosecutor, published author, trade advisor in Latin America and international investment counselor.

The inimitable acuity of the “Pimpernel” is sought after by entrepreneurs, investors and governments from Dubai to Brazil. Recent work, created for Latin America, which speaks to the conjunction of technology and education to reduce cost, motivate students and improve testing results will be translated and introduced to school systems across the Caribbean later this year. “Employing anonymity to domesticate the ego ...”

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Govt to give Two Uniforms
Antigua St. John's - Minister of Education Dr Jacqui Quinn-Leandro has confirmed...  Read more

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