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Jesus Party to Make Your ‘Light’ Shine

Sponsors and artists‘Let Ya Light Shine in Us’ is the theme of this year’s Jesus Party organized by a group of  young

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Christian Station Coming

Christian stationThere may not be an all Christian political party anytime soon, but Christians in the country can brace for

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Catholic Church Takes Precautions

Temporarily discontinued After reviewing a number of church practices, the Catholic Diocese of St John’s has issued temporary…

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Benny Hinn Crusade Coming

Benny HinnPopular international evangelistic Benny Hinn will be in Antigua on January 15 and 16, 2010, for a massive

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Pope Alarmed by Decline in Confessions

ConfessionPope Benedict XVI has raised the alarm over the decline in confessions, urging priests not to become…

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Dorsett Seeking New Party

Bishop DorsettA call by Bishop Dorsett has opened the debate on members of the clergy or church leaders becoming involved

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NY Pastor Charged In Jamaica With Carnal Abuse

Pastor Paul LewisA Brooklyn, NY-based pastor was on Wednesday charged by Jamaica police with carnal abuse and indecent…

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Roman Catholic Priest Freed of Rape Charges

photo: Keith MatthewsA Roman Catholic priest, who admitted having consensual sex with the wife of a police officer, has been freed

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Anti-abortion and Violence in the US

Anti-abortionThe killing of an abortion doctor has once again highlighted the aggressive and emotional nature of the…

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World's Oldest Bible, Codex Sinaiticus, Online

Codex SinaiticusA four-year project to reunite the surviving parts of the world's oldest Bible, Codex Sinaiticus, have been

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Mideast’s Christians Declining In Influence

PopeJERUSALEM — Christians used to be a vital force in the Middle East. They dominated Lebanon and filled top…

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