Antigua Christian Council Holds Thanksgiving Service

Antigua Christian Council Holds Thanksgiving ServiceAntigua St. John's - A handful of members from Antigua’s Christian community congregated at the Holy Family Cathedral to offer thanks to God for sparing the nation during the 2012 Atlantic Hurricane season.

In offering the opening prayer, Catholic Bishop Kenneth Richards asked God to forgive us (the nation) for failing to give thanks for His many mercies; adding that a lot is often taken for granted.

Meteorologist Llewellyn Dyer, who moderated the service, prayed for those who serve in preparing the nation for storms and hurricanes and for those who put their lives on the line to offer assistance during times of natural disasters.

Meanwhile Rev. Kingsley Lewis who delivered the sermon spoke of God’s faithfulness during times of storm.

“Storms will come to us, but not as suddenly as they did on the Sea of Galilee. We are usually warned way in advance of the strength and rainfall associated with the systems; but regardless of the type of storm Jesus is always with us.”

He also suggested that humans are not good custodians of the earth.

“God created a beautiful world for us to live in, but look at the way we treat it. The world is in trouble because of global warming and think of the ways we chose to dispose of waste in Antigua. No wonder the water ways sometimes become blocked, causing rapid flooding to some areas,” he said.

Traditionally the service of thanksgiving is held annually to mark the end of the hurricane season; which runs from June to November.

According to statistics fifty three storm systems have affected the island between 1871 and 2012.

On an average the nation is affected by a storm system every 2.66 years and suffers a direct hit every 6.71 years. 
A new Antigua Christian Council Executive was also announced during the thanksgiving service.

Bishop Kenneth Richards was installed as the new President and Major Byron Maxam, Vice President. Rev. Kingsley Lewis continues as the Chairman, while Archdeacon Peter Daley, Rev. Carlwin Greenaway and Dean Rudolph Smithen will serve as floor members.

Rev. Cortroy Jarvis will serve as chairperson for church and society, Llewelyn Dyer Chairperson for Disaster, Emergency, Relief and Welfare {DERAW), Mary-Rose Knight Chairperson of Finance and Eileen Etinoff-Lynch, Secretary. 

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#2 ANTIGUAN WOMAN » 2013-01-11 21:03

Christian must be their last names,certainly not the" Christian"meaning followers of Christ.


RE: Antigua Christian Council Holds Thanksgiving Service

#1 forever 21 » 2013-01-09 13:05

Caribarena, shame on you for falling for this scam. There is no such thing as a Christain Council in Antigua. It is more of a "social club" for politicians and their supporters.

The church has no binniz being entwined in politics to this degree. Take heed people. The Most High neither slumber or sleep.

forever 21

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