Karima, One for the Future

Karima GoreAntigua St. John's - Fifteen-year old Karima Gore is on a quest to be the best cricketer, not just in Antigua & Barbuda, but in the region.

And the journey has started.

Gore is the leading scorer and wicket-taker in the United Insurance Schools U-19 competition, and there are no signs of him slowing down.

As a matter of fact, his progress may be accelerated when the schools’ competition, on break for the Easter holidays, resumes in a couple of weeks.

In seven games played, Gore amassed 273 runs - 45 more than Tyrone Williams Jr in second place.

His average with the bat is an alarming 91 runs, three times batting not out from six innings at the crease.

With the ball, Gore has taken 16 wickets while giving up 79 runs at a rate of 4.94.

As impressive as Gore has been at the school level, it is his performance with the PIC Insurance Liberta team that has drawn lots of attention from members of the press and cricketers in general.

Liberta has dominated the sport at the national level for quite some time and already this year has won the ABCA 40-over competition.

Gore has commanded his place in Liberta, and is now one of the major contributors.

"He is a staple in our team," said coach and former West Indies pacer Kenneth "Flippa" Benjamin, who knows that Gore is a "special talent”. "We depend on him and he has shown that he is a capable batsman."

Benjamin added that Gore will continue to improve once he continues to pay attention to detail and listen to instructions.

The former Test player, who has been coaching Gore since he was eight years old, said the youngster wants to do well and is willing work hard.

A fourth form student at All Saints, at least two of his teachers have said that Gore can be whatever he wants to be.

"He is a very attentive student and does not give any trouble in school," the teachers echoed.

They said Gore will achieve whatever he wants to, but agree that he needs to be more assertive, something that Gore recognises.

His performances in the national and school competitions may be Gore's demonstration that he is becoming more assertive.

He is already looking ahead to bigger things in the sport, while realising that his work in school is very important.

"Oh, I would like to play cricket at the highest level, but I know I must finish school," said Gore, who is most comfortable when he is at the crease.

"I love to bat long," the teenager explained. "The longer I'm batting, the better I feel, and I don't like to lose my wicket."

Well, he has batted not out in a number of innings for school and Liberta, which tells Gore's story of batting long innings.

He bowls leftie and bats right handed, something he developed out of admiration for the left-hand spin of one of his peers.

Gore is on the road to success, and with his calm yet positive demeanour, he should achieve his dream and at the same time fulfill the dreams of many Antiguans & Barbudans.

Reporting by Caribarena news, publishing by Ofer Shaked.

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RE: Karima, One for the Future

#4 Ken Star » 2014-04-12 11:44

Keep working hard as God knows West Indies need a savior.

Ken Star

this kind of gang

#3 Jumbee Picknee » 2014-04-08 01:46

This tells me, that even though there are many ills plaguing our Culture, there are many more positives which never gets to be headline news. I hope to sit and enjoy your talent on display at the highest level of this sport some day.

Jumbee Picknee


#2 nameless » 2014-04-07 12:14

Karima, the sky is just the start, so my dear you keep reaching, each time setting the bar a little higher......YOU WILL ACHIEVE!


RE: Karima, One for the Future

#1 1st Timer » 2014-04-07 07:13

Continue to focus young man. Really happy about your passion and dedication. Encourage those around you to use their passion in positive ways as well. Looking forward to hearing your name in the line-up of the West Indies team some day.

1st Timer

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