Antiguans, Cubans and Vincy Battle in 2014 Pares Circuit Race

Antigua cycling pack 2014Antigua St. John's - The Antigua and Barbuda Cycling Association resume it activities this weekend, Sunday 11th May.

The village of Pares will be entertained during the morning period as the association will host the Pares Circuit Race, Sunday 11th May, starting at 9am.

The action will start in front of Welch supermarket on Pares village main road and head westerly then make the left unto the road with Blackout Cultural Park. The course will lead the riders on the roads alongside Pot Works Dam then left through Collins, bringing the riders back unto Pares main road to complete a lap.

The premiere class will go for 8 laps with the B-Class going for 6 laps of the same course.

Juniors will go for 4 laps, Females will go for 3 laps and the beginners take a try at 2 laps of the 7 mile course.

Sunday’s event is expected to be a very competitive event. The local rivalry continue to heighted with the stiff competition between the island best riders.

Andre Simon is the man to beat having winning the National Time Trial title and did the best of the Antiguans at the last outing.

The Cuban connection continue to propel ahead for the pack with the speed and experience of Vincente and Youdenis.

Robert Marsh, Marvin Spencer, Omari King, Conroy Thomas, Randy Simon and many others can be the man of the day. However they will be join by St. Vincent national cycling team as they will compete in Sunday’s race as part of the preparation for 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Orano Andrews, Zafel Bailey, Cammie Adams and Peter Durrant will all add the highly competitive cycling nature in Antigua.

The future cyclists will also have their own rivalry in the B and Junior Classes along with the Females and Beginners. National Junior Time Trial Champion, Tesheed Gordon and many others top club riders will have their battle; Mervin Gore, Joel Phillip, Ashfield Vigo, Nkosie Barnes will content in the lower classes while Nigel Fabian and Simmons brothers will tackle the Junior Class.

The female action will also be one to watch as Kevinia Francis, Lindsay Duffy, Margarita Fernandez, Wendy Tittle and others will battle for supremacy.

Reporting by Caribarena news, publishing by Ofer Shaked.

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