CAPE Digital Media Course for Antigua

CAPE Digital Media Course Antigua St. John's - The Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) will launch a CAPE level subject in Digital Media on September 5 at the Ministry of Telecommunications, Science and Technology ICT Cadet headquarters in Antigua. 

The launch will include speeches by officials from CXC, the Ministries of Education and Telecommunications, and representatives from the CAPE Digital Media Panel.

Panel members will join the launch via Skype from their country of residence; and field questions from the audience. Similarly, a video which highlights the Pre-test process will be shown during the launch.

Minister of Telecommunications, Science, and Technology Dr Edmond Mansoor said his department will continue its hallmark collaboration with the prolific team at the CXC under the stewardship of Dr Didacus Jules.

“Following on the successful promotion of the Notesmaster training for teachers in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, on this occasion the collaboration is focusing on the launch of a CAPE level subject in Digital Media,” he said.

“The GATE ICT Cadet Program and the GATE ICT Cadet Training Facility is an utterly suitable place for this type of collaboration with the CXC, given the cutting edge, high-definition audio-visual productions emanating from the New Media Studio at the GATE ICT Cadet Training Facility. CXC's move to launch a CAPE level subject in Digital Media is highly indicative of the CXC's positive thrust to prepare Caribbean people for this digital era, and this is very, very commendable.”

Digital Media as a subject is one of the most exciting subjects to be offered by CXC. It is on the cutting edge of global technology trends, and will provide Caribbean post-secondary candidates with the opportunity to become critical players in the digital media industry.

A release said the CAPE Digital Media course will facilitate the development of important learning and problem-solving skills, foster creativity, encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, and inculcate a sense of value in students for their own work and respect and regard for the work of others.

It said, “The launch of this syllabus therefore takes on significant importance and compels us to leverage use of the various Social Media and ICT tools.”

For more information on CAPE Digital Media visit http://www.cxc.org/?q=DigitalMedia

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@ Skyewil - Educational Technology!

#2 John French II » 2013-09-05 14:18

Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock! Skye,may I kindly suggest that you investigate two issues before shoot fire aim.
As a military strategist you are skilled in Ready, Aim, Fire!
Does either GoAB, BoE or Ministry of Telecommunications, Science and Technology ICT have an Education Technology Strategic Plan?
Where are the OECS & CARICOM Governments going with CAPE - The Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination?
Go Well! Much Respect!

John French II

@ Dr Edmond Mansoor

#1 Skyewill » 2013-09-04 06:24

This is the way to go, Good Job!


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