Mobile APP Development Workshop Planned

Mobile APP Development Workshop PlannedAntigua St. John's - The Ministry of Telecommunications, Science and Technology, in collaboration with the BrightPath Foundation, will hold a mobile app development workshop in Antigua from Tuesday October 8 to Friday October 18.

The initiative, which is also being held in conjunction with the Government Assisted Technology Endeavor (GATE) programme, offers participants a chance to discover the exciting world of mobile app development and gain skills needed for digital content creation.

The workshop will be held at the GATE ICT Cadet training facility in Coolidge from 5 to 10 pm.

“With BrightPath Foundation, we are creating a context in which technology is an enabler, allowing ordinary people, anywhere in the world, to do extraordinary things, and in the process discover their true selves, and the values necessary to change their world.” Bevil Wooding founder of BrightPath Foundation said.

The BrightPath Mobile App programme introduces participants to the growing world of mobile apps and digital media by teaching them the technology and technical skills used from conception to development.

No prior experience in graphic design, digital photography or mobile apps development is necessary. Officials said the only prerequisite to sign up for the workshop is “curiosity, creativity, and a desire to learn.”  

However, basic computer literacy is necessary to be successful in the workshop.

Participants will gain the knowledge needed to develop images for game, web, photography, film, editing, graphic arts, and advertising industries.

They will also learn how to make layer-based images, merge photos, and use filters to create amazing visual effects.

Beyond technical competencies, the workshop also introduces participants to important principles of business, ethics, and civic responsibility, and imparts essential values and life skills.

Workshop attendees will get to interact with industry practitioners and real-world innovators to glean practical insights and learn lessons that can impact both their career choices and their outlook on life.

Since 2011, BrightPath’s technology training programmes have reached over 500 people across the Caribbean. BrightPath currently facilitates technology training to Caribbean youth through hands-on workshops and seminars in digital content creation, online broadcasting and multimedia design. BrightPath also conducts iCAN Mobile, the Caribbean’s only dedicated, ongoing mobile app development initiative.

For more information and to register for the mobile app workshop, call 732-1221. The registration fee is $1,000, which includes meals and refreshments.

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