Wi-fi Hotspots Available at MSJMC

Wi-fi Hotspots Available at MSJMCAntigua St. John's - A donation of computer hardware and high speed internet was made to the Mount St John’s Medical Center (MSJMC) on Friday, and the institution has launched open wi-fi hotspots in all waiting areas at the 185-bed facility.

The donation was made under the multi-faceted Human Entrepreneurship & Assistive Resource Technologies (HEART) programme.

Minister of Telecommunications, Science and Technology Dr Edmond Mansoor said, “Many of the people that receive services here come on an outpatient basis, whether they are going to access the x-ray department services or the outpatient services etc. In keeping with the government’s thrust to make this country technologically competitive and electronically savvy, we are commissioning wi-fi hotspots in any area that patients or their relatives have to wait.”

The Ministry has also begun deploying hardware to all medical clinics in Antigua. This complements a move by MSJMC to eventually have all the clinics networked to the Radiology Department at MSJMC.

“I expect that by the first week of March, at least four, if not six of the district medical clinics, will be up and running. We are trying to deal with the outlying clinics first,” Dr Mansoor said.

Reporting by Caribarena news, publishing by Ofer Shaked.

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#2 Skyewill » 2014-02-18 07:28

You can now die while on line. No toilet paper, no aspirins, no needles or bandages. You can't get blood work or find a nurse or doctor when you need one but what the heck, you can go on line and make your own funeral arrangements, wonderful! CHANGE = HOPE


RE: Wi-fi Hotspots Available at MSJMC

#1 DadliMan » 2014-02-18 06:11

Wow! WIFi hotspots!! Next, they'll work on ensuring that MSJMC has the reagents for us to get a simple blood test. These a-holes are really misguided. Sick patients who are warded at MSJMC have to get friends/family members to take vials of blood to be tested at private labs, but MSJMC will offer WiFi hotspots. Brilliant!


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