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Better Understanding of Bioenergy Production

The HélioBiotec platform has just been opened at the Commission for Atomic and Alternative Energies (CEA)

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Kids PTSD Smptoms Linked to Poor Hippocampus Function

Kids PTSD SmptomsPsychological trauma leaves a trail of damage in a child's brain, say scientists at the Stanford University

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Albatross Cameras Solve Ocean Mystery

Albatross Follow Killer Whales TINY 82g cameras attached to the backs of four albatrosses may have solved one of the mysteries of the vast

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Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Better Than Cats ?IT'S a claim that's sure to put the cat among the pigeons. A study into character, intelligence and

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Worm Glue

Sandcastle WormThis sandcastle worm lives in the laboratory where scientists can study it. The worm built its house in the

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New Dinosaur Discovered in South Africa and May Reveal How They Grew to be So Big

DinosaurA new dinosaur named the 'Earth Claw' has been discovered in South Africa.

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New Weapon Turns Fire Ants Into Headless Zombies

Fire antsFORT WORTH, Texas (AP) - Researchers in Texas are trying an unusual approach to combat fire ants - deploying…

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Spinal Cord Regeneration Enabled

New NervesResearchers have developed an improved version of an enzyme that degrades the dense scar tissue that forms

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Hurricane-Killing, Space-Based Power Plant

HurricaneHow's this for crazy?: A company files a patent to destroy hurricanes as they form by beaming them with…

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First Step to Making Human Eggs and Sperms in a Lab

Astonishing Scientific BreakthroughAN astonishing scientific breakthrough could make it possible for would-be parents who are both infertile to

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Watching the stars with the eye of Galileo

Galileo telescopesPHILADELPHIA: It looked like the kind of toy telescope a child might have made with scissors and tape — a…

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Key Step Made Towards Turning Methane Gas Into Liquid Fuel

Green FuelResearchers at the University of Washington and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have taken an

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Martian methane belch: From rocks or microbes?

Methane release northem summerA surprising and mysterious belch of methane gas on Mars hints at possible microbial life underground, but …

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