Barbuda Express To The Rescue

Barbuda Express Flicker.com photoAntigua St John's - The transportation difficulties that threatened to hamper Barbuda’s weekend Caribana festivities may be nearing resolution with the return of the Barbuda Express ferry.

Deputy Chairman of the Barbuda Council Fabian Jones said the ferry with a capacity for about 50 people returned to the sea on Wednesday after being dry docked for several months with engine and other problems.

He said the vessel’s return will go a long way in providing transportation for people from Antigua wishing to travel to Barbuda for the festival. He noted that those wishing to travel by air can go to VC Bird International Airport during the day, as the airline St Vincent Air has indicated that as long as there are eight people wanting to go to Barbuda, it will take them.

According to Jones, the airline has two regular flights each morning and one in the afternoon. However, it is prepared to operate additional flight especially to accommodate Caribana as long as it has a full load.

Meanwhile, Council member and opposition senator, Arthur Nibbs, said he welcomed the return of the Barbuda Express, and said if the vessel is able to operate for the festival period without any mishaps, that would mean the difference between success and failure for the festival.

“I am relieved that the Barbuda Express is back in operation, as I fear that without it Caribana would literally sink,” Nibbs said.

The opposition senator is also raising concerns about what he sees as "excessive" police presence in Barbuda for Caribana.

He complained that a contingent of heavily-armed police officers has arrived in Barbuda for Caribana, and questioned the rationale for their presence, especially in light of what he termed as the "peaceful nature of Barbuda and its people".

“There’s no history of violence associated with Caribana, so I find that so many police officers with their heavy arms are out of place at Barbuda’s Caribana,” he said.

The commissioner of police was not immediately available for comment.

Caribana formally opens on Thursday with a parade, and culminates on Monday with jouvert.

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Shame on the Council and Antigua government

#3 Barbuda01 » 2014-02-26 21:27

Barbuda has been without reliable transportation, for decades and it seems to be worsening. What is the explanation for going backwards in terms of the airline service? How does one go from a 19 seater to an 8 seater in the 21st century? How does the representative and members of the Council comfortably accept the type of shabby service that is provided by this airline? Announcing that the ferry has come to the rescue, is that a good thing? The unreliable ferry? You guys should be ashamed of yourselves for accepting such disrespect.


simple simon

#2 rupert j. » 2012-05-25 18:17

How naive can this council member be, because there was no trouble last year does not mean there wont be any this year, there are misfits in each and every society so a strong police presense acts as deterant that is pure common sense. dig it

rupert j.


#1 ivillaman » 2012-05-25 09:28

great :D :D


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