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Scientists 'Closer to Curing Jet Lag'

Jet lagSCIENTISTS have discovered the ways in which jet lag disrupts the body's normal rhythms and believe they are…

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Extra Fees to Tall Passengers

Leg roomQANTAS will penalise the tall by charging passengers extra for reserving economy class exit-row seats on its…

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Deal or no deal? 6 secrets for spotting a bargain

DealsCarol Hodes thought the “special” $209 room rate offered as part of an upcoming convention at the…

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Branson Says Sex Sells: That's Why I Use Pretty Girls

BransonSIR Richard Branson has defended his penchant for posing with and using scantily clad women in promoting his…

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Choice Hotels backs efforts to keep Caribbean tourism moving

CaribbeanChoice Hotels International has announced plans to bolster Caribbean tourism's efforts to beef up business in…

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Car Rental Industry Piles On The Fees

Rent a carNo industry piles on the fees and surcharges like the car rental industry. Yes, they have their reasons. And…

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Passenger anger over 'porno plane'

PlanePASSENGERS are angry about being forced to fly on a new Southwest Airlines plane featuring a bikini-clad…

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Travel Healthy: Handling Mosquitoes and Other Bugs

MosquitoesOn a recent trip to Vietnam, I reluctantly found myself looking for malaria medication in the best "pharmacy"…

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Airfare absurdity: 6 tips for navigating the new world of airline tickets

Airline ticketThe roundtrip airfare from Madison, Wis., to London is a reasonable $305 on American Airlines — until you…

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Safe Illusion Of Pirate Waters

THERE are more than 1200 passengers travelling from Durban to Genoa in Italy on the MSC Melody. Every one of…

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GPS Navigation System Now Available For Jamaica

GPS navigation systemJamaican expatriates and other tourists travelling to Jamaica can now take advantage of a new local GPS…

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Jamaican minister takes air passenger tax issue to parliament in London

Edmund BartlettLONDON, England (JIS) -- Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett, took the issue of the planned increase in Air…

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Not everyone cheers as Wi-Fi takes to the skies

Internet Service Among AirlinesFor all the annoyance of being crammed into an aluminum tube at 35,000 feet with a bunch of strangers, air…

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Revenge at sea: 5 ways passengers are getting even with cruise lines

Cruise ShipCruising isn’t what it used to be. Just ask Steve Roberts, who recently sailed from Costa Maya, Mexico, to…

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5 myths about nude vacations

Nude VacationAs a college student hiking through the French Alps many years ago, I accidentally uncovered one hotel’s …

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Bizarre holiday complaints made by British tourists

Mosquito BiteTHE strangest holiday complaints ever made by British tourists have been revealed, with hilarious results.…

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Is my cruise refund really sunk?

Cruise refund,sunk?Q: I'm looking for help with what should be an easy refund. A few years ago we gave Princess Cruises a $200…

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Armrest to end mid-air elbow wars?

Airline sitA DESIGN that allows airline passengers to share a single armrest without touching could be the solution to…

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TripAdvisor unveils U.K.'S best and worst hotel

Blackpool TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel community, unveiled the best of British hotels in the seventh…

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Travelers will pay for exotic breaks, service: poll

ChinaSINGAPORE (Reuters Life!) - Even in these thrifty times, holidaymakers are willing to pay extra for good…

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Asia’s most-visited tourist sites

Great Wakk of ChinaThe most popular attractions in China, Japan and South Korea
Amusement parks make a strong showing on the…

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Staying in Touch Internationally, on the Cheap

Cell phoneIn Venice, a city of odd spaces, Gianni Colombo’s walk-in art installation “Spazio Elastico” (1967-68)…

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Most shark-infested beaches

Watch MeHE best deal, five-star accommodation and a glorious beach are all good reason to consider when choosing a…

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World's cruise industry sailing rough waters

Cruise ShipThe cruise ship season in Sydney is in full swing and it's booming, with ships forced to anchor in the middle…

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Whats In Your Wallet

Banks, airlines, even the U.S. government are pushing plastic harder than ever. The marketers like to toss

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Spring broke: 6 secrets for traveling free

Free vacationsThe promise of a free vacation used to be such a predictable come-on from a shady timeshare salesman or a…

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