UK Mobile Biometric Clinic in Antigua

UK Mobile Biometric Clinic in AntiguaAntigua St John's - The United Kingdom government is introducing a new service in Antigua on May 18, providing an opportunity for UK visa applicants from the Eastern Caribbean to provide biometric information in Antigua, without having to travel to Barbados or Jamaica to apply.

Authorised by the United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) and facilitated by the Governor’s Office of Montserrat and the Antigua and Barbuda Immigration Department, this “Mobile Biometric Clinic” event will be run by UKBA’s commercial partner for the Americas Region, CSC.

The clinic is to be held in the ground-floor conference room of the office of the Antigua and Barbuda Immigration Department at Long & Thames Streets in St John’s, Antigua.

UK visa applicants wishing to attend the clinic are required first to apply and pay the applicable visa fee online by visiting

www.visa4UK.fco.gov.uk and then visit CSC’s website at www.visainfoservices.com to pay the biometric clinic fee (US$150.00 + tax of 17.5%) for each applicant and book each applicant’s biometric clinic appointment. The clinic fee must be paid in advance on www.visainfoservices.com, and attendance is by appointment only.

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