Declaration Form Needed for Travelers

Declaration Form signAntigua St John's - Travelers are reminded that there is a legal requirement to complete a Declaration Form of any country when traveling with currency valued at more than US $10,000.00.

In accordance with the Customs (Currency and Goods Declaration) Regulation section 2 (1) and (3), the Money Laundering (Prevention) Act sections 18 (1) and (3), the currency may be seized if it has not been declared or if there is reason to suspect that it is the proceeds of crime, or is intended for use in unlawful activity.
Persons leaving or entering Antigua and Barbuda with more than (US $10,000) or its equivalent in EC dollars or in any other currency whether in cash or negotiable bearer instruments should make a declaration in the form prescribed.
The following process has been established to complete the declaration forms when taking currency out of the country.

Step 1. - Notify Ministry of Finance by letter in duplicate of your intention to transfer the currency and obtained a receipt.

Step 2. – Submission of Form 1 in triplicate to ONDCP by Applicant and obtain approval

Step 3. –Submit a copy of the ONDCP approval to the Ministry of Finance

Step 4. – Present the approvals to Customs and Excise Division

The individuals are advised to make their application at least five (5) business days before the travel date.

The ONDCP recently had signs installed at the VC Bird International Airport to ensure that all travelers are notified of the legal requirements when traveling with currency valued at more than US $ 10,000.00.

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