LIAT Announces New Policy

LIAT Announces New PolicyTravellers planning to fly with LIAT in 2011 will have to provide more information when making a reservation or buying a ticket. The new requirements are driven by LIAT’s compliance with the Secure Flight Programme recently introduced by the United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

The airline advised that "all travellers (including infants and children) to and from all of LIAT’s 22 destinations must provide the following information when making a reservation or purchasing tickets:

•    A passenger’s full name, including middle names (as it appears on the passenger’s non-expired government issued photo ID)
•    Date of Birth
•    Gender

In addition to the above information, all LIAT passengers travelling to and from San Juan, St Thomas and St Croix will be required to provide a redress number, if applicable."
The changes take effect on January 3.

All of the above information must be provided whether bookings are being done at a LIAT Ticket Office; through the LIAT Call Centre; on the LIAT website, www.liat.com; or through a travel agency.

Customers were urged to have this information readily available at the time of booking.

For further information on Secure Flight visit www.tsa.gov/secureflight. Information about a redress number is available on the US Department of Homeland Security website www.dhs.gov/trip.

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